Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three Month Update

We've seen so many changes in Palmer over the third month.  He has learned to play independently, gained strength, and is turning into a little boy with a sweet personality.
I know everyone wants to think that their child is a genius and very advanced.  I'm no different, so here are his latest skills:

ROLLING OVER: I still have yet to capture Palmer rolling over on his own (it's only happened a handful of times).  In the meanwhile, here is a video of Palmer rolling over with a little help from daddy.
FRIEND IN THE MIRROR:  Palmer made a new friend this week and likes to talk with him for quite a long time.

Oh- and one problem: No matter how much I tried to avoid the TV, Palmer has discovered its powers and now stares at it.  I'll turn Palmer around away from the TV and he just scooches (I've never tried to spell that word and definitely had to look it up just now) back around to find it.  Oh no.  What am I going to do when he is older and gets in that annoying zone where he won't even look away when I'm talking to him?  Aghh.
Happy third month, Mr. P.
We love you!

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