Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Canning Season!

Last summer, I took a class on canning and preserving.  Unfortunately, not too long after the class, I entered my first trimester of pregnancy and had absolutely no interest in being near the kitchen.
This summer I have been looking forward to the peak produce season so that I can stock our pantry with some goodies.  Rick and Palmer joined me at the Farmer's Market to help pick out the fruits and veggies.
(Note the careful planning of putting Palmer in the Bjorn so that we can use the stroller for the food!)

 After several days, here is the bounty: 12 jars of tomatoes (hello, winter tomato soup!), 3 jars of pickled peaches, 4 jars of candied jalapenos, and 1 jar of bread and butter pickles.  

I still want to do some okra, but I've had enough for a few days...


  1. That's amazing! Can you come teach me?!

  2. You are SO talented. I'm coming over for tomato soup this winter!

  3. Thanks, guys! You can come over for a lesson (or a meal) anytime.