Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

 Palmer surprised Daddy with matching father and son polos for Father's Day.  Palmer's was a little big since 2T is the smallest size Vineyard Vines carries, but it sure looks like it won't be too long before he'll fit into it.

Rick enjoyed a morning "off" and headed out to the golf course.  I assured him that soon enough Palmer would join him on the greens (and mommy would be "off" instead!).  We joined Rick for brunch after his round.
We had big plans to go to the pool for the afternoon, but the 104 degree temps scared us away and we had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon at home instead.

Daddy's Little Wingman.  (This would be the third outfit of the day for those of you keeping score.)
Doesn't Palmer look big sitting up in the couch?
 "Oh Boston, you just always have to be by me, don't you?"
Happy Father's Day, Rick.

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