Friday, June 3, 2011

Mama Loves A Bargain!

I introduced Palmer to one of my favorite things this week, Canton.  Canton is a flea-market mecca in East Texas and a special treat open just once a month.  I haven't been in awhile and jumped at the opportunity to go with my mom, aunt, and cousin.

Unfortunately, the hot summer weather is officially here and the thermometer clocked in at 96 for the day.  The heat limited our shopping adventures to the booths under the covered pavilions, but I just know that Palmer will help me dig for treasures out under the sun on a cooler day in the future!
Palmer takes a shopping break with Aunt Nancy.
 Check out this adorable Mason jar turned soap dispenser I found.  I love it for the kitchen!
Cousin Sam was excited to hang out with Palmer and tried to teach him how to say, "Sam".  You never know, Sam, it just might be his first word! :)


  1. i am super jealous... looks like you had a great time! you look amazing by the way!!!

  2. You are my new best friend. Thank you!